Friday, February 1, 2013

February 1st, Farewell Issue

Thank you all for your support this past year. The editors at Canyonland Press agreed to trial run of six months, then we extended it to a year. Unfortunately, we have not been as successful as we’d hoped. Each of us have full time writing careers and some of us full time day jobs to boot. 
So we’re sorry to say we’re closing our doors.
Please come and visit us at our individual sites.

Amy Durham Farewell
It's been a privilege to work with the staff here at Canyonland Press for the past year. Reading and writing - my two favorite pastimes - are solitary activities, and I've loved the opportunity to share the joy of both with my friends here and those whose came by to visit. Although we're closing up shop, I'll always have fond memories of our venture and the things I learned along the way. Making connections is a vital part of being an author, and I like to think I've made several here among my Canyonland friends. Thanks to Mary Martinez for bringing me in to this group and for allowing me the chance to be a part of something really unique! And thanks to each Canyonland writer who I've had the chance to get to know. It's been a fun ride!

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Marie Higgins Farewell
It’s with a heavy heart that I say farewell to our readers. I have learned a lot from my time as an editor at Canyonland Press. The articles were very well done and some surprised me because I had learned something new. I will miss reading the articles from the other editors and discovering the Librarian Recommendation.

Although this is good-bye to Canyonland Press, I will still be around writing stories. I’m very active with Facebook, so if you’d like to become my friend and keep in touch with me that way, go to this link -

I also love to interview other authors and I’m always part of a book giveaway blog hop, so please follow my blog to keep updated and enter to win free books –

And, if you’re a Kindle reader, you can visit my page on Amazon to keep updated on my new releases!

If you have a Twitter account, please follow me – @mariehigginsxox
Thank you all!!

Anna Sugg Farewell
I’m sad to have to say goodbye to Canyonland Press. Even as one of the editors, I’ve especially enjoy reading the articles, librarian recommendations, and even the recipes. Working with my fellow editors has been a privilege and I will continue to support them in their writing careers. A huge ‘Thank You’ goes out to all our followers for visiting us and supporting our emagazine each month. I’ll miss all the friends we’ve made in our short year and sincerely hope you will stay in contact with us by visiting our sites often.

You can always find me on my blog: and my websites: or Please stay in touch with me on Facebook at!/ and twitter at
Mary Martinez Farewell
I had such high hopes when I contacted my fellow writers to help with my vision of a readers eMagazine. I penned a business plan. Had goals spelled out, mission statement. It was set for success, or so I thought. However, no matter how much we promoted, even with the help of our librarian recommendations and well written articles, we not only did not meet our six month goals, but we have yet to reach our first quarter goals.

So with a heavy heart it's time to say goodbye. The editors of Canyonland Press have each put in hours of love and work to make this work. I thank all of them. I also thank those of you who are loyal followers. I hope all of you visit us often at our other sites.

You can all fine me at my web site
Mary's Garden Blog, where you'll find author interviews, recipes, reviews and all kinds of weird things.
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Thank you all!


  1. I'm sorry to see you go. I've really enjoyed Canyonland Press. Good luck to you all on your other writing endeavors. Thank you.

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